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Benchmarking the Beaglebone Black

Two years ago I took a great seminar (graduate class) by Prof. Ayse Coskun (her last name is pronounced “Josh-Kun”) that covered heterogeneous computer architectures, including things like server design incorporating different types of processors and single-die CPUs with multiple architectures on one chip. The Beaglebone Black is a much more exotic CPU than most Continue Reading


A coworker recently invited me to keybase.io, and I’ve set up a profile for myself.  The point of this is to make public key verification more simple, and allow people to track others as keys get revoked and regenerated. Now, if someone wants to encrypt something before sending it to me by email or by Continue Reading

Transfer function analysis with Octave/Matlab

I’ve made a short Octave script (Octave is the open source version of Matlab) which helps a person analyze transfer equations, of the form

The control toolbox in Octave is great and offers lots of nice ways to plot a transfer function, including highlighting the poles and zeros in an x-y plane to help Continue Reading