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MAX1067 library for Arduino

For the laser seismograph project, I had chosen the MAX1067 analog to digital converter (ADC) to convert the analog signals coming out of the photodiodes into a digital form which could be transmitted over SPI to the microcontroller. Although I knew how SPI worked and had studied it in school, I had never actually designed Continue Reading

Clever spammers

I was looking through the spam folder in my inbox (it’s always good for a laugh) and noticed that some clever spammer had figured out how to break the tables inside of Gmail’s sender information card:     Normally the sender’s information card that pops up if you hover over it looks like this: The Continue Reading

Benchmarking the Beaglebone Black

Two years ago I took a great seminar (graduate class) by Prof. Ayse Coskun (her last name is pronounced “Josh-Kun”) that covered heterogeneous computer architectures, including things like server design incorporating different types of processors and single-die CPUs with multiple architectures on one chip. The Beaglebone Black is a much more exotic CPU than most Continue Reading

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