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Creating a website

As I work on engineering projects I want to be able to document them publicly and share, both to give back to the open source community and provide a reference point for my own projects beyond my lab notebooks. When I’m searching the web for answers to problems I’m always glad that there are countless posts and articles covering the topic and when I find a solution to something, especially a problem no one else has worked on, I want to participate in that.

I first started using GitHub’s user pages capability to host a static page, but I switched to WordPress so that I can add tags to posts and have them be searchable by topic. I also wanted the ability to allow comments because those are an important way that an author gets feedback and can correct/update the post.

GitHub’s user pages and Jekyll are still useful for generating a static HTML-heavy, Javascript-light page for use as a tor location-hidden service or website that looks nice and can be updated automatically.

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